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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Where Are Our Youth Heading To?

This weekend was a packed one. On Saturday, I was in a traditional marriage rites ceremony for my cousin in Meru and later on for my niece in Runyenjes. I had accompanied my old man (he wanted me to see how marriage rites are done so that am aware just in case I want to marry) and at the end of the day, we stopped by my uncle's pub at around 8:30pm and being a Saturday, the place was crowded-with youths, drinking themselves silly with cheap liquor. Not that I detest drinking, but I detest the behaviour arising out of the drinking. I was enjoying my soda, a brawl erupted in the pub between two young turks over some beer and the short dude (who was obviously overpowered by the huge guy) after being given some few slaps, came back asking for Kshs.20 so that he can buy another drink, and this guy is jobless, he hangs out at the matatu stage the whole day. My question is, why all this? Am very sure this dude is a primary school drop-out thus it will be hard for him to secure a good job. Where are our youth heading to?