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Monday, 2 May 2011

The Beast IS Here....Embu High School Proves Them Wrong

By Victor Muto

28th February 2011 and it's the Kenya Institute of Education, Nairobi. Prof. Ongeri  just entered with his entourage of Ministry of Education top officials and other stakeholders, ready to detonate the most waited time bomb all year...2010 KCSE results! Let me take you back a little and focus on the education success of so great town Embu (E-town). Form almost a decade, there are some notable schools that dominated the top:

  1. St. Thomas Moore Nguviu Boys (Bluxxville)
Under the belt of former principal, Ambassador Gakumu, the school has remained on the top league and produced some top guys in this nation, like Mucheru who is the President of African Students at Harvard University.  Ambassador Gakumu was a father-figure that all boys enumerated and his words of wisdom and encouragement definitely did the magic trick. Personally, I'm proud to be his product and also to have been the last "mono" that he admitted before becoming an ambassador

      2. Sacred Heart Girls Kyeni (Reddz)
This is Bluxx biggest and long time rival. Madam Mwea is the Chief Principal of this great giurls' school and has been leading the school in an academic onslaught against their arch-rivals, Nguviu B.

There are other schools that have been topping the list; Moi High School Mbiruri (Mbich), St. Angela Nguviu Girls' High School (Nguviu Gee) etc. All these schools have been competing for the longest time possible. This year, tables turned round and a new academic beast was born. Under the leadership of Mr. Kimani (former Principal of Itabua Day Secondary School), managed to place Embu High School at position two in the county, pne place behind Kyeni Girls'.
Embu High School is part of the Embu College Ltd fratenity where it's the younger sister school of Embu College Campus. The two schools were started by Mr. & Mrs Kithinji Kiragu. Once the new were out, the entire Embu College fratenity took to the streets to celebrate this great victory, and to showcase their supremacy as well their rides with the Airbus 380 leading the convoy of four buses.
All said and done, let's sit back and see what Mr. Kiamni will have in store for us this year..
Peace out!

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