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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Embu College Talent Show: Volume 2-Update

So, we just started planning for the Embu College Talent Show and a lot was talked about on how the event would be. Great suggestions and ideas were given out and it's my obligation to update y'all on our progress.
  1. We'll have the official Mr. & Ms. Embu College on that very night
  2. The following, Churchill, Jalang'o and MC Jessy, have been proposed to be the MC. Only two of them will be chosen.
  3. We have an array of artistes we wish to bring on board. Nine of them were suggested and we are only chosen four. They are: Juliani, P Unit, Ben Githae, Daddy Owen, Jaguar, Nonini, John De Matthew, Avril & Chantelle.
So make sure to keep it for all the 411 on the event.

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