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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Kenya army stops war updates as 1 killed in second grenade attack

The Kenya army has stopped daily updates to the media on the progress of war against Somalia Al Shabaab group.

In a statement the military spokesman Major Chirchir said the media will be brief if any major incidents occur in the war front.
“Since the inception of Operation Linda Nchi we have endeavored to avail operational updates daily, while we remain committed to inform the media on the progress of the operation we would like to adjust and hence forth issue press updates when and as an incident occurs”reads part of the statement.
In the same statement the military thanks Kenyans:”We also thank the members of the public for the continued support and words of encouragement to our soldiers during this operation.”
This means that the daily updates you used to get on the progress of the war will not be forthcoming. Being the first time that Kenya is on the warpath the move will leave many anxious of the going on in the war area.
The war blackout   comes after two grenade attacks in Nairobi that killed one person and injuring others. The 25 victims of the grenade attack have since been discharged from Kenyatta Hospital where they were admitted yesterday.
The attacks, one at a bar and the other at a matatu terminus left the country worried of possible Al Shabaab retaliation. Coming after US embassy warnings of a possible attack by Al Shabaab has left the police e more cautions setting up multiple road blocks in major roads.
The Somalia president Sheikh Shariff Ahmed yesterday fell short of calling Kenyan’s pursuit of Al Shabaab an invasion of Somalia. He said Kenya was not welcome to pursue the militia inside  Somalia.

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