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Friday, 9 September 2011

The home of leisure, pleasure &entertainment

Embu County is blessed to have so many businesses of diverse nature and background. Java Entertainment is one of such business located at Shanyaki House along KubuKubu Rd. This is the story of Ken Mwara, the proprietor of Java Entertainment…

“When you hear the name java being mention you think about Java software’s or Java cafĂ© but here is a different case Java entertainment. The world of movies and play station. You try to figure out the people to bow down for making our name so special and it narrows down to students and teachers responsible for entertainment sectors in various schools.

          Having being on the market for only 14 months we can only think God for the massive results and performance. I personally thank God for He has seeing me through many stages to parlor of success, 2 years ago as I sat for my O’ Levels at Kegonge High School I thought business would do good for me but the question was which business? I thought of movies but the fact the movie business was so floated did not give me case of heart but I still settled on it and promised myself to do it in a special way.

          Starting a business is not a cup of tea; first there’s capital which to some extent was difficult to raise accelerating heat to the whole family. Successful opening up to raise accelerating heat a big deal but earning customers trust. I believe we gave our customers quality services and products and that’s why we have so far maintained our day one customers.

          Challenges in business are what have made Java to be what is today and in the future.

          Our/my special thanks for those people who have made us so proud goes to; the whole community of Embu town and its environs, students of Bluxx, Nguvio gee, Mbich, kangach, Mecca, reddz, Kamathy, Donnie Band, Embu hae Skul, Embu College and Kenya Institute of Management. Java has captured the attention, imagination and loyalty of generations of diverse individuals and we are so proud of the guys.

          A special wish to all the Form Fours of the year 2011,we wish you success come Oct/Nov papers.”

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