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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Embu College F.C-Mambo Byad!

On Sunday, the league continued with several teams in Embu County going head to head to win the championship. Our very own team, Embu College F.C was against Kamiu Rovers and it was a repeat of the historic 'Kichapo cha Bush' where, thanks to Nicholas Mburia, Embu College F.C thrashed their mighty rivals 2-0. The mighty do fall and they fall hard. This win was very crucial to Embu College for them to sail through to the next stage of the championship, after drawing 1-1 with Embu Market last month.
The Embu League has been sponsored by Embu College Campus in partnership with Aphia Plus Eastern. The Eagles have not been left behind in this event and it's the main sponsor of Embu College F.C and other sports teams in Embu College. Lets wait to see how the talented team will do in the next round.

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