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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Improving Your social skills: JUST HOW?

Courtesy of The Leaked!

life something that revolves around our social abilities and thus making it vital for us to appreciate the simple fact of socializing.BEING SOCIAL DOESN'T REALLY MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE THE MOST VOCAL DUDE/CHICK AROUND. here are some basic tips as to how you can achieve this goals

1.making yourself aproachable
    - body language
    -facial expression
2.being social
  - facial expressions
  e.g friendly smile, hearty laugh, maintaining eye contact and an understanding nod
3.improve your conversational skills
   -actively listening 
  - responding to speaker
  - speaking out your own formulated thoughts
4. making a conversation
  - understand your audience
5. dressing for occasion.
  - right dress at the right time(dress for success)

 - knowing the lingo,cliche

this doesn't exhaust the many avenues that you can indulge in to make sure you're socially good, but the basics\ ones will surely push you long strides.


additonal tips from


here is his brief work

Studies show that the general population's No. 1 fear is public speaking, followed shortly by the other No. 1 fear: Death. That means that people prefer to find the answer to the ultimate question rather than speak in front of strangers. So if you struggle with social settings, feel awkward speaking publicly or have trouble meeting new people, there’s nothing wrong with you. Most people feel the same way, and are deathly opposed to changing this aspect of themselves.

There is an ideal that someone who is socially skilled speaks with a silver tongue and can dazzle a captive audience. There are plenty of books and other resources that you can invest in that promise to help you achieve this goal. Being successful in social situations, however, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with speaking. Here’s how you can improve your social skills without having to say a word in a social gathering 


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