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Saturday, 28 May 2011


By Bosco Munyoki
"The sower let fall some of the seeds on stony places where they had not much earth; and forth wave they sprung up because they had no deepness of earth; and where the sun was up, they were scotched; and because they had no root, they withered away (Matthew 13:5-6)"
he seeds sown on stony ground was scotched, withered away as soon as the sun grew hot. When it comes to receiving the word, the mind can be stony lacking proper nourishment. To nourish the word, the mind must be kept fertile and be fed with the right kind of thoughts. Some minds have stony places in them where there is no production of the word; others are stony altogether. Leeches gather in unprotected stony places in the mind; because the word of God does not move in that area, leeches are in control and their ideas accepted. This is the reason why people are directed wrong, the reason they will not walk in total obedience to the Lord.  They fail God and get themselves be led off to the tree of the forbidden fruit. Every time the devil can prepare a little more stony hardness in the mind, create a little more drawing back from following Jesus all the way, he will. He takes the richness of the soil out of the mind and with it the power of the word.
Think how God feels when He looks at a born-again soul and sees stony places-not in the heart but in the mind. That person has blind spots that block him/her out of good spiritual vision when he looks to the Lord. He is not close to the Lord, doesn’t have that meek, and gentle spirit. If you are full of thoughts that reject the anointing of the Lord you find the strife, contention, rebellion flare up, at times in the leech free spaces where the word lodges in your mind, you relax and look as though you will be alright. Then suddenly a problem is directed towards the stony ground of your mind where leeches are attached and they charge in action. You flare up again. When a problem hits that stony place, there is nothing to help you overcome it, to give you strength and gain victory. In this way the devil leads people astray from God in their minds. He gets in because the stony place doesn’t have enough soil for the word to take root and to provide protection. If the devil can form enough stony ground in the mind, then he can draw people in to all kinds of lust, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the world, the lust of the eyes etc.
Do you have leeches? Stony places in the mind? Blind spots? Check yourself. If you don’t act spiritually sane all the time, you have leeches. When your responses come from the stony place in your mind, you have nothing to keep you under control and leeches take an advantage. You give all to leeches and they go into operation. They have you fussing, fighting, using idle talk, doing and saying things you have no business doing or saying.
Stony spots, blind spots cause people to gossip. No matter how much people are warn against gossiping, how much they hear about putting the bridle of love on the tongue, they continue to gossip. The stony spots, the blind spots block out the truth. The word, the living word of God can plow up all the stony place s and provide fertile soil for you to cultivate.

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